Building materials, tightening tapes: Performance (NT BUILD 298)

  • Report #: NT BUILD 298
  • Approved: May 1985
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This NORDTEST method may be used for examining performance characteristics of tapes used for tightening of joints and gaps in vapor barrier layers. During building periods humidity and falling temperatures can prevent or impair the adhesion of tapes. During the service life of a building, adhesion losses of tapes may cause additional air leakages. Tightening of vapor barrier layers is preferably achieved through other means than by taping, e.g. by overlapping the edges and fastening slabs on joints, or by welding. However, taping is often the only possible alternative.


In cases where taping is used for air and moisture tightening of vapor barriers, the quality of the tapes to be used shall be selected carefully and account must be taken of the often difficult fastening conditions that exist during the building operation. The requirement of long term tightness of vapor barriers must also be recognized. The tests may be used for all types of building tapes used for air and moisture tightening of vapor barriers.

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