Nonwoven geotextiles: Plunger pull out test (NT BUILD 242)

  • Report #: NT BUILD 242
  • Approved: May 1984
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To determine the resistance of nonwoven geotextiles to a load applied by a plunger vertical to the surface of that geotextile. The load is the resistance of the plunger pressing against the geotextile while enlarging a precut circular hole having a diameter of 11 mm to a hole of a size of 45 mm in diameter. It is the aim of the test method to determine the “out of plane” load-deformation characteristics of the geotextile product.


This NORDTEST method may be applied to nonwoven geotextiles, which are used as separator and filter in earth constructions. By aid of the described test procedure, the strength and deformation requirements for geotextiles may be judged. The test arrangement simulates a common embedding situation, where coarse grained base course material is poured over an unprotected geotextile.

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