Concrete, fresh: Chloride content (NT BUILD 199)

  • Report #: NT BUILD 199
  • Approved: May 1984
  • Version: Edition 2
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This NORDTEST method specifies a method for the determination of the chloride content in fresh concrete, (see Note 1). The method is a reference method for other test used to determine the chlorides in fresh concrete, for instance, when there is reason to question the results obtained from other, simpler, methods about the suitability of the concrete. In order to use the method, access to a well-equipped laboratory is necessary for those parts of the test that require chemical analysis. The number of samples is not discussed in the test.   Note 1: The method is based on the principle that one mixes a sample of fresh concrete with water, which, after it has been poured off, is chemically analysed with reference to the presence of chloride acc. to NT BUILD 208. When the test is not performed as a reference test, the determination may be performed by using another accepted test for the analysis of the chloride content in water.  

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