Nesigurnost uzorkovanja – Nordtest prurucnik za planiranje uzorkovanja vezano za obezbeenje kvaliteta uzorkovanja i procenu nesigurnosti (NT TR 604 – Serbian)

  • Report #: NT TR 604 – Serbian
  • Approved: March 2007
  • Author(s): Christian Grøn, Jette Bjerre Hansen, Bertil Magnusson, Astrid Nordbotten, Mikael Krysell, Kirsten Jebjerg Andersen, Ulla Lund
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Zasnovano na Eurachem Međunarodnom Vodiču, Procena merne nesigurnosti nastale iz uzorkovanja

The handbook provides practical guidance on sampling uncertainty estimation in the Nordtest TR handbook format. The handbook is an extract of and based upon the principles, methods and text of the international Eurachem Guide Estimation of measurement uncertainty arising from sampling. The Eurachem guide is more extensive and provides details on theory and additional examples. The basic reference for the text in this handbook is the above-mentioned Eurachem guide. The overall purpose of this handbook has been to provide those working with investigations, monitoring and control that require sampling with a set of tools for calculation and control of the sampling uncertainty of their sampling procedure. Four examples illustrate the application of different methods and tools, while allowing you to follow all steps of the calculations. Although the examples are given for specific matrices (groundwater, iron ore, baby food and wastewater) the approaches are widely applicable. It is the intention of the project group to make these tools and the understanding of their use available outside the world of analytical chemistry, although the basic principles applied originate from analytical chemistry. The English version can be downloaded from here: NT TR 604 ed1 NOTE there is an updated version: NT TR 604 ed2  
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