Provtagning och analys av träskyddsbehandlat virke (NT TR 567 – Swedish)

  • Report #: NT TR 567
  • Approved: November 2004
  • Author(s): Jöran Jermer, Morten Damm, Keld H Henriksen, Ingvar Johansson
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  The aim of this investigation, which was carried out with financial support from the Nordic Innovation Centre (Project no 1628-03) and the Nordic Wood Preservation Council, was to study the Nordic rules for quality control and certification of preservative-treated wood and to identify in what respect they were interpreted differently by the inspectors in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and thus where there was a need for clarifying guidance. The major items identified for further consideration were:
  • Selection of the batch from which samples then shall be taken.
  • Sampling from batches (commodity, dimension, boring, cross-cuts etc).
  • Determination of penetration – difficulties to judge the penetration for the new copper-based preservatives.
  • Determination of retention – use of nominal densities when calculating retentions.
  • Determination of retention for borings – use of a correction factor (“gradient factor”)?
  • Analysis of wood preservative treating solutions.
The project has given useful information and knowledge for Nordic input in the CEN/TC 38 project of revision of EN 351 which is assumed to be completed in 2005-2006.  
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