Leaching tests for non-volatile organic compounds – development and testing (NT TR 576)

  • Report #: NT TR 576
  • Approved: October 2004
  • Author(s): Jette Bjerre Hansen, Christian Grøn, Ole Hjelmar, Olaf Asmussen, Susanne Klem, Sato Mizutani, Jesper Gamst, Margareta Wahlström, Karsten Håkkanson, Gijs Breedweld
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  The main objective of this project was to develop a leaching test method suitable for organic non-volatile compounds. The project was performed in two parts. The first part of the project focused on solving problems concerning separation of solid and solute in the batch test and to evaluate the batch test versus the equilibrium column test. In the second part of the project the test methods were implemented on different Nordic laboratories and an impression of repeatability and reproducibility were obtained. Based on the knowledge from previous investigations and results obtained in this study an equilibrium column leaching test is recommended for testing the leachability of non-volatile organic compounds from contaminated soils and waste products at compliance level (routine control purposes). This recommendation is primarily based on lack of understanding the inconsistent results of the batch test. In addition the results of the implementation of the test methods in Nordic laboratories showed that only the equilibrium column test provided reproducible results, which is a major demand for tests used for routine control purposes.