Consensus meeting on chemical testing of emission from building products (NT TR 506a)

  • Report #: NT TR 506a
  • Approved: October 2002
  • Author(s): Annelise Larsen
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  This report gives the results and recommendations of NT project 1484-00 on establishment of a consensus concerning test conditions for chemical emission testing in the Nordic countries. Recommendations include considerations on future standardisation within Nordtest and CEN for chemical emission testing by use of the FLEC-cell and similar measurementcells. The test conditions were discussed in detail based on NT Build 438-1995, prENV 13419-2, results of the Round Robin chemical emission testing by use of the FLEC measurement cell (started in Nordtest project no. 1390-98, results from this project published as Nordtest Technical Report 438) and an article about the Round Robin as presented at the international conference Healthy Buildings in Espoo, 2000. The Nordic experience in the field of chemical emission testing has been recognised internationally since the development of this field. 8 leading Nordic laboratories from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark participated in this work.  
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