Adhesives for floor and wall coverings: Shear strength (NT BUILD 142)

  • Report #: NT BUILD 142
  • Approved: September 1981
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This NORDTEST method is intended for the determination of the tensile transverse resistance of a bond between a floor or wall covering and its support.  


The method can be used for testing the shear strength of various lap joints with an adhesive between two plane adherents. In addition to shear stress the joint will be subjected to the normal stress resulting from bending. The size and distribution of these stresses depend on the flexibility and thickness of the adherents. Therefore, care must be taken when test results with adherents of different flexibility and thickness are compared. It is also difficult to compare the test results with the shear stresses that will occur as a result of normal wear and tear. Some adhesives will require other bonding techniques than the method described under 6.4.1, which is intended for dispersion adhesives for floor and wall coverings.  

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