Quality control manual for field measurements (NT TR 581)

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  • Report #: NT TR 581
  • Approved: April 2005
  • Author(s): Christian Grøn, Jacqueline Anne Falkenberg, Jens Strodl Andersen, Marion Børresen, Arne Pettersen, Sören Nilsson, Karsten Håkansson, Jussi Laiho
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Field measurements are widely used in investigations on contaminated sites as alternatives to and supplementing analysis in chemical laboratories. The requirements for measurement quality and quality control of field measurements are less stringent than those for laboratory analysis. The present manual provides an introduction to the concepts and calculations of analytical quality control, a set of quality requirements for field measurements for different purpose and intended use of the measurements, a selection of quality control methods selected to be of practical use and supply the quality information required in site investigations and a set of examples demonstrating the practical use of the manual. Statistical factors and control charts are included as appendices.


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