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Recommended methods for on site evaluation of the magnetization in MPI (NT TR 171)

NT TR 171

  • Requirements for sufficient magnetizing force in MPI (magnetic particle inspection) vary considerably. When using current magnetization, the verification is fairly straightforward but when using yokes and coils, strayfields interfere with the results. The report gives recommendation for measuring the level of magnetization for different types of methods.

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Welds in thin materials: Ultrasonic examination (NT NDT 013)

NT NDT 013

  • This Nordtest method specifies procedures for weld examination in thin materials by manually operated ultrasonics.

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Hot surfaces: Ultrasonic testing (NT NDT 012)

NT NDT 012

  • This Nordtest method specifies procedures for weld testing and wall thickness measurements on hot surfaces by manually operated as well as automated ultrasonics.

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High temperature components in power plants: Remnant lifetime assessment, replica inspection (NT NDT 010)

NT NDT 010

  • This instruction covers the method to be used in production and evaluation of field metallographic replicas.

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Corrosion, internal: Detection and sizing, manual ultrasonics (NT NDT 008)

NT NDT 008

  • This NORDTEST method specifies procedures for the detection and sizing of corrosion in metallic materials by manually operated ultrasonics with commonly accepted qualities for conventional ultrasonic testing.

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Crack depth measurement: Electric potential drop techniques (NT NDT 006)

NT NDT 006

  • This NORDTEST method specifies procedure for depth measurements of surface breaking cracks in metallic materials by the use of electric potential drop techniques.

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Magnetic particle suspensions: On site testing (NT NDT 004)

NT NDT 004

  • This NORDTEST method prescribes the use of premagnetized test pieces for performance testing of magnetic particle suspensions on site.


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