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Time-triggered technology for automation and machinery control communities (NT TR 612)

NT TR 612

  • The scope of the project was to disseminate knowledge and awareness about concepts and methodologies of time-triggered technology for automation and machinery control communities. A large part of this knowledge was results from the European Community project DECOS.

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Validation of safety-related wireless machine control systems (NT TR 605)

NT TR 605

  • Wireless technologies are spreading also to safety-related applications. Wireless communication is realised by sending messages bit by bit from transmitter to receiver (serial mode communication). This resembles quite much the method used in field buses. There are already several field buses, which are validated to be used in safetyrelated applications.

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Methods for Verification & Validation of time-triggered embedded systems (NT TR 600)

NT TR 600

  • This report gives an overview of safety considerations relating to distributed embedded systems. Some principles of safety-related distributed systems are shown, and the design process is described. The design process is related to the safety lifecycle introduced in IEC 61508. The most important phases in the process are risk assessment, design and safety validation.

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Corrosion testing of electronic units (NT TR 590)

NT TR 590

  • Nowadays, the demand for better and reliable products is high, whereas the time between the idea of a product and the production decreases. This is especially the case for products containing electronics, which are part of our everyday life. Because electronic products are submitted to all kinds of environments, especially corrosive environments, the demand for adapted corrosion testing methods assuring their well functioning after years of use is needed.

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New method for conformance assessment of radio transmitters (NT TR 589)

NT TR 589

  • In this project a measurement of the effective radiated power (ERP) is compared to a measurement of the total radiated power (TRP). ERP is measured according to ETSI inside an anechoic chamber and TRP is measured inside a reverberation chamber. The measured TRP value is related to the ERP value via an estimated maximum directivity of the test object.

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Guideline for design and safety validation of safety-critical functions realized with hardware description language (NT TR 578)

NT TR 578

  • This technical report describes the very detailed design process, the verification process and the safety validation process of a safety-related electronic control system to be implemented mainly into an ASIC. The report aims to support the system designer team as well as the safety assessment team.

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Safety assessment of systems containing COTS software (NT TR 460)

NT TR 460

  • The integration of COTS software adds uncertainties in the design and construction of safety related systems. Limited documentation on the COTS characteristics such as design, resource demands and performances are likely to introduce additional risks to the system.

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Guideline for the Validation of Functional Safety according to IEC 61508 (NT TR 459)

NT TR 459

  • This guideline addresses the validation activities for safety-related functions realized through programmable electronic systems (PES) according to the IEC 61508 standard.


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