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Acoustic design of open-plan offices (NT TR 619)

NT TR 619

  • This application could serve as a practical tool for the acoustic planning of open-plan offices. The acoustic conditions in open-plan offices were investigated in a Nordic cooperation project. Measurements were carried out in five open-plan offices along with a questionnaire to gather the staff’s subjective judgments. A programme for the acoustic measurements was drawn up, specifying how to perform the measurements and which type of parameters to measure.

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HANDBOOK - Environmental Assessment of Construction Products - An introduction to test methods and other procedures related to CE-marking (NT TR 618)

NT TR 618

  • This handbook presents an overview of the technical, regulatory and administrative framework within which CE marking of construction products takes place and offers guidance on the selection of test methods for assessment of release of regulated dangerous substances from construction products to soil, surface water and groundwater. The handbook includes information on how test results can be used, e.g. by regulators when comparing regulatory limit values with test results.

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Determination in the field of structure-borne sound source strength of building service equipment - A pilot study with inter-laboratory comparisons and a proposal for a Nordtest method (NT TR 616)

NT TR 616

  • A pilot project with an inter-laboratory comparison (round robin) has been performed, where a modified heavy duty washing machine has been circulated for tests among 7 laboratories. The main goal of this pilot project was to find out whether a simple substitution method could be applied to determine the structure-borne sound source strength of typical building service equipments.

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Measurement of diffusion coefficients - Documentation (NT TR 615)

NT TR 615

  • A method to measure diffusion coefficients in plastic films and coatings is described. This method is based on weighing absorbed amounts of water when conditioned samples are exposed to water or water vapour. A similar procedure based on weight loss is also possible. The same method can be also be applied to measuring diffusion coefficients of organic solvents in plastic films and coatings.

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Intercomparison and method for uncertainty calculation of water and heat flow (NT TR 610)

NT TR 610

  • A relatively high utilisation of district heating and limited resources of drinking water makes metering of water and heat of great importance in both the Nordic and the Baltic countries. This has further resulted in a heavy focus on testing and calibration of the meters as well as on the uncertainty of the meter installation.

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Sound scattering in rooms with ceiling treatment (NT TR 606)

NT TR 606

  • The objective in this project is to present a method for quantifying the diffusing effect of furniture and other equipment in rooms with ceiling treatment. The presence of furniture and equipment in this type of rooms will influence room acoustical parameters such as reverberation time, speech transmission index and sound pressure levels among others. A measure denoted equivalent scattering absorption area is introduced.

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Reproducibility of measurements with ISO 140 and calculations with EN 12354 (NT TR 603)

NT TR 603

  • Uncertainties of measurement and prediction of the sound insulation in a building is an important issue to the building industry, because they put increased expenses on all actors of the building process who have to keep safety margins to prescribed requirements. This report deals with estimates of both types of uncertainty and some recommendations on suitable safety margins are given.

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Matresses - Burning behaviour - Full scale test (NT TR 602)

NT TR 602

  • A new test method for testing of fire properties of mattresses is proposed. The method is intended to evaluate the full scale burning behaviour of a complete mattress or bed system when exposed to a flaming ignition source. Fire performance criteria, for mattresses used in public occupancies, are proposed.

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Harmonized methods for assessment of release of dangerous substances from construction products - Nordic status (NT TR 598)

NT TR 598

  • This project was developed in the context of the new standardisation work under CEN related to the third essential requirement (ER3) concerning Hygiene, Health and the Environment stipulated by the Construction Products Directive (CPD). The project aims particularly to evaluate the importance of harmonising test methods for regulated substances in the Nordic countries and also to address the Nordic interest for CE-labelling of construction products.

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Guideline for selection of accelerated corrosion test for product qualification (NT TR 597)

NT TR 597

  • The Guideline in this report has been prepared as a framework for comparing existing accelerated corrosion tests and should be applicable in the choice of best method and procedure for qualification testing of a product with respect to corrosion resistance.

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Resthållfasthet hos brandskadad betong (NT TR 596)

NT TR 596

  • I projektet har självkompakterande betong med respektive utan fibrer samt en konventionell betong, K30 ingått. Av dessa göts provplattor som sedan exponerades för brand enligt ett standardförfarande. Ur plattorna och ur referensprover borrades kärnor för vidare provning. De metoder som tillämpats är tryck och spräckhållfasthet, ultraljud, BET, mikroskopi samt borrmotstånd och punktlastindex.

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Stain test for Natural Stones (NT TR 595)

NT TR 595

  • This study focuses on the development of a standardised procedure for assessing the staining sensitivity of natural stones with and without surface treatment. The following different stone types with different mineralogy, chemistry and surface finishing were used: marble, mica-schist, ultrabasitee, granite and limestone.

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Analysis of mortars with additives (NT TR 594)

NT TR 594

  • Existing methods for the analysis of masonry and rendering mortars were developed for the analysis of well defined simple mortars. Mortars used today are to a large extent hybrid mortars with different additives and filler. Analysing complex mortars with additives and fillers requires analytical routines that are more versatile.

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Testing durability of treated wood according to EN 252 - Interpretation of data from Nordic test fields (NT TR 591)

NT TR 591

  • To evaluate the effectiveness of new wood preservatives intended for treated wood in ground use there is an European standard, EN 252. The test shall run for five years before any interpretation of the results can be made.

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Inter-laboratory comparison of Nordtest test method for measurement of noise in working environment (NT TR 586)

NT TR 586

  • Nordtest Methods provided in 2002; NT ACOU 114 “Acoustics: Measurement of occupational noise exposure of workers – Survey method” and NT ACOU 115 “Acoustics: Measurement of occupational noise exposure of workers – Engineering method” were tested by making round robin tests in Nordic countries. The methods contain survey and engineering measurements that are based on short-term measurements and splitting up of the working day in work operations with similar noise levels.

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Application of WST-method for fracture testing of fibre-reinforced concrete (NT TR 575)

NT TR 575

  • To evaluate the reproducibility of the wedge-splitting test method and to provide guidelines, a round robin study was conducted in which three labs participated.

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Nordic sewer system inspection manual - Part 1 - Pipelines (NT TR 574)

NT TR 574

  • The present manual includes standard definitions, pictures, and drawings for the purpose of describing observations of sewer systems provided by visual inspection. The overall objective is to describe how these inspections can be performed on an identical level in the Nordic countries.

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Measurement of drum sound (NT TR 573)

NT TR 573

  • The interest in the effect of background noise on our health and capacity for work has increased. One of the disturbing factors in office spaces, schools etc. is the drum sound, especially when the flooring consists of thin wood parquet or laminate. Drum sound is the noise that appears when an object, e.g. a foot, hits the flooring in the same room as the receiving ear.

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Test methods for components used in vertical geothermal heat exchangers (NT TR 572)

NT TR 572

  • This report treats the development of test methods for performance test of components used in vertical geothermal heat exchangers (GHX). The aim of the method proposals, attached to this report, is to help evaluate their performance in laboratory conditions, whilst subjected to relatively realistic environment. Such test methods are missing presently.

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Metod för bestämning av vattenpermeabiliteten hos betong (NT TR 571)

NT TR 571

  • Vattenpermeabilitet är i många fall avgörande för beständighet och livslängd hos porösa material som t.ex. betong. Det finns idag ingen standardiserad metod för bestämning av Darciansk permeabilitet.

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Steel emissivity at high temperatures (NT TR 570)

NT TR 570

  • A new test method was developed at VTT for the determination of the emissivities of different types of steel and other metallic materials as a function of the temperature of the material.

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Provtagning och analys av träskyddsbehandlat virke (NT TR 567 - Swedish)

NT TR 567

  • The aim of this investigation, which was carried out with financial support from the Nordic Innovation Centre (Project no 1628-03) and the Nordic Wood Preservation Council, was to study the Nordic rules for quality control and certification of preservative-treated wood and to identify in what respect they were interpreted differently by the inspectors in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and thus where there was a need for clarifying guidance.

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Frost Resistance test on Aggregates with and without Salt (FRAS) (NT TR 566)

NT TR 566

  • The main objective of the project was to test aggregates from different sources throughout Europe at different laboratories in Europe, with both pure water and salt water freeze/thaw test methods, to widen the applicability of the freeze/thaw test method in 1 % NaCl.

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Density of loose-fill insulation material exposed to cyclic humidity conditions (NT TR 565)

NT TR 565

  • This report presents a proposal for a standardised method for creep tests and the empirical framework necessary for determining the density for volume-stable state of a granulated loose-fill material as a function of the applied stress when exposed to a climate characterised as cyclic humidity conditions.

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Best practice in design and testing of isolation rooms in Nordic hospitals (NT TR 564)

NT TR 564

  • An important step in moving toward international standardization is to come to a consensus about what exactly is proper and adequate function in a negative-pressure isolation room. In this report we examine current and best practice in design and performance testing of negative pressure isolation rooms in Nordic hospitals.

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Nordic evaluation of methods for testing fresh self-compacting concrete (NT TR 558)

NT TR 558

  • In this study a modified inter-comparison test was proposed for evaluating the precision of methods for testing fresh SCC whose properties are not identical from laboratory to laboratory or even from batch to batch. The modification includes collecting a number of sets of similar equipment and carrying out a local inter-comparison test in each laboratory by different operators, each operating a number of sets of equipment.

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Measurement of Drum Noise - A Pilot Project (NT TR 556)

NT TR 556

  • Drum noise from floors and floorings has been a building acoustics issue for many years although an international standardized measurement method has never been made.

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A new standard for machine strength grading of timber - assessment and application (NT TR 554)

NT TR 554

  • A new standard “prEN 14081 Timber structures – Strength graded structural timber with rectangular cross section” is under development. This standard lays down the requirements for visual and machine graded structural timber and results in the possibility to CE-mark structural timber.

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Fasteners for timber frame sheeting – Development of a test method for single fasteners (NT TR 553)

NT TR 553

  • The report deals with a test method to evaluate the mechanical response of single fastener joints for sheeting of timber frames. The materials investigated include chipboards, gypsum boards and fibreboards.

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