Wood frame walls: Racking test of sheathing materials (NT BUILD 362)

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  • Report #: NT BUILD 362
  • Approved: February 1991
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The purpose of this test method is to determine the ability of sheathing materials on wood frame walls to resist racking loads. The test is conducted with a standard wood frame wall, and the test objective is the loadbearing performance of the sheathing material and its fastening to the frame.


The test method is used for testing sheet materials like woodbased boards, gypsum boards and other products for exterior sheathing or internal lining on wood frame walls.

The purpose of the racking test is to determine the strength and stiffness of the board material and its fasteners under a load in the plane of the wall, when the sheating is fixed to a standard wood frame wall.

The test method may be modified for tests on diagonal bracings like steel profiles. The method may also be modified to cover the racking performance of a complete wall structure.

The vertical anchor system to prevent uplift in the test must then be similar to what is used for practical applications of the wall structure.


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