Upholstered furniture: Burning behaviour - Full scale test (NT FIRE 032)

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  • Report #: NT FIRE 032
  • Approved: May 1991
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  • Version: 2


1.1 This method is intended to be used for the evaluation of fire behaviour of upholstered furniture in full scale. The specimen is ignited by a specified ignition source and burns freely under well ventilated conditions.

1.2 Data describing the burning behaviour from ignition to complete burn out is obtained.

1.2.1 The rate of heat release of the burning specimen is measured by an oxygen consumption technique.

1.2.2 The production of light obstructing smoke is measured.

1.2.3 The burning behaviour is visually documented by photographic and/or video recordings.

1.2.4 The amount of certain toxic gas species in the combustion gases are analyzed.


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