Tools, single point: Wear evaluation by short cycle turning tests (NT MECH 037)

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  • Report #: NT MECH 037
  • Approved: November 1997
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The test method specifies a procedure for determining the tool wear testing of primarily steel alloys using single point sintered hardmetal (sintered carbides and ceramics) tools with special reference to machining operations involving short turning cycles with idle periods in between, to be identified hereafter as interrupted machining mode and abbreviated as IMM.

The method is intended to complement the traditional tool-life testing method based on continuous turning operation defined in ISO 3685:1993 [1] and [2]. Assuch the proposed method closely follows the specifications of the above standard with respect to workpiece, tool, cutting fluid, cutting conditions, tool wear and tool life, equipment, test procedures, recording and reporting and presentation of results.


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