Microwave cooking appliances for household use: Performance and acoustical noise (NT CONS 015)

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  • Report #: NT CONS 015
  • Approved: June 1987
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This standard is applicable to microwave cooking appliances using electromagnetic energy in one or more of the ISM bands above 300 MHz to heat food. These ovens are adapted to the household environment and may also use thermal cooking means as employed in conventional cooking ranges and ovens intended for household use.

Unless otherwise specified, the input power comes from the supply source to the oven at a line-to-line voltage of 430 V or less, and for a line- to- neutral voltage of 250 V or less and a supply frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

The forms of microwave cooking appliances include portable, stationary- combination, built-in and built-in-combination. Combination microwave cooking appliances and microwave cooking appliances provided with additional means for browning accomplished by radiant heating means are also tested in accordance with the relevant sections of IEC Publication 350: Methods of Measuring Performance of Household Electrical Ranges and Ovens.


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