Liquid applied waterproofing systems: Accelerated ageing in alkaline environment (NT BUILD 502)

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  • Report #: NT BUILD 502
  • Approved: November 2002
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This Nordtest method is intended for assessment of the durability of liquid applied waterproofing systems in alkaline environment, e.g. moist concrete.

Free sheets of the material to be tested, with the thickness of the finished membrane subject to control, are made by applying the liquid applied waterproofing system to a rigid support which has non-adhesive properties or is covered with a release agent. The sheets are placed between two blocks of concrete placed in an airtight glass container, with the lower block partly submerged in water. The glass container with the concrete blocks and the test sheet is stored at elevated, constant temperature for a period of time.

The time and temperature are agreed upon. Consequently, the method is an accelerated ageing test. After exposure the mechanical, physical and/or chemical properties of the material are evaluated and related to the same properties of unexposed material.


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