Combustion by-products, corrosion: Corrosivity of combustion by-products used as fill around carbon steel structures (NT MAT 001)

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  • Report #: NT MAT 001
  • Approved: June 1999
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The aim of the test method is to provide an assessment of the corrosivity on carbon steel of combustion by-products from power and district heating plants before and after accelerated ageing at 40 °C in a measuring cell made for the purpose. The by-products are wetted by capillary action without forced wetting or sprinkling simulating rain.

The corrosion conditions are characterised by:

  • Resistivity development due to capillary action.
  • Corrosion potentials.
  • The corrosion rate.
  • Macro corrosion elements.
  • Need for cathodic protection.

This method represents a realistic tool to estimate corrosion of carbon steel in fill consisting of modern by-products, where precipitation is drained off and other wash outs are avoided in order to reduce pollution of ground waters etc.


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