Buildings - ventilation air: Local mean age (NT VVS 019)

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  • Report #: NT VVS 019
  • Approved: September 1988
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  • Version: 2


The scope of this NORDTEST method is to determine the local mean age
of air at an arbitrary point in a ventilated space. The theoretical
background of the method is described in reference /2/. By knowing
the mean age of the air in a point we can:

- Determine if the space surrounding the measuring point is well
ventilated or not. That is to say, whether the region is "stagnant"
or not.
- Determine the concentration, at the measuring point, of a dynamically
passive contaminant (= follows the air motions) generated
at each point in the room with the same and constant release rate.

By measuring the mean age of air at several points we can follow the
distribution of the ventilation air within the space.


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