Biaxial strength (NT MAT 004)

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  • Report #: NT MAT 004
  • Approved: May 2002
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Using this method, it is possible to characterise the biaxial shear strength and tensile strength of an adhesive joint between two cylinders. The ratio of shear and tensile loads in the adhesive can be varied continuously.

Measurements are carried out using a conventional tensile test machine with a loadcell. A biaxial transformer machine is integrated into the uniaxial crosshead of the test frame.

The torsional shear load and axial tensile load in the adhesive joint are measured using a biaxial transformer machine. Also, axial strain and shear strain measurements can be realised with this configuration. As a result of the measurements, the adhesive biaxial ultimate strength as a function of shear stress and tensile stress can be determined.


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