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Anemometers: Calibration (NT VVS 018)


  • This NORDTEST method describes how instruments for measuring air velocities can be calibrated.

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Uncertainty calculations for calibration of water and heat flow meters (NT VVS 131)

NT VVS 131

  • The aim of this method is to provide a basis for uncertainty calculations for testing/calibrating/verifying the flow measurement part of water and heat meters. The method is designed for being used as a guideline in combination with existing standards for flow measurement and uncertainty calculations.

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Pipe in tube systems (NT VVS 129)

NT VVS 129

  • This Nordtest method specifies test methods for testing complete Pipe in tube systems for fitness in use.

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Ventilations filters: Field test of efficiency (NT VVS 128)

NT VVS 128

  • This Nordtest method is intended to be used in testing ventilation filters in their normal operating conditions. The purpose of the test is to determine if the fractional efficiency of the filter(s) differs significantly from that expected from the laboratory tests.

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Floor heating systems: Design and type testing of waterborne heat systems for lightweight structures (NT VVS 127)

NT VVS 127

  • This standard describes procedures and prerequisites for determining the heat output from floor heating systems in residential buildings, offices and other buildings put to similar uses.

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Anti-scale devices: Efficiency (NT VVS 126)

NT VVS 126

  • The objective of the test method is to test the efficiency of anti-scale devices. The efficiency is determined by measuring the amount of scale on a heating element in a water heater equipped with treated water compared with the amount of scale on a blind installation without water treatment.

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Direct acting electric heating – Testing of control systems Part 3: evaluation using real-time simulation (NT VVS 125)

NT VVS 125

  • The test method is designed for evaluation of electric-heat controllers (see Part 1) by means of real-time simulation.

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Direct acting electric heating – Testing of control systems: Part 2: evaluation of control sensors (NT VVS 124)

NT VVS 124

  • The test method is intended for laboratory testing of sensors for control systems of electrically heated single-family dwellings.

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Direct acting electric heating – testing of control systems: Part 1: terminology and evaluation in a test chamber (NT VVS 123)

NT VVS 123

  • The test method is designed for laboratory testing of control systems for direct acting room heaters, primarily for single family houses. This method denotes such a system as an electric-heat controller. The electric-heat controller may consist of either a central unit or several individual or coordinated local units.

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Jet momentum flux: Determination based on the weighing of air issuing from a supply device (NT VVS 122)

NT VVS 122

  • The scope of this method is to provide a relatively simple method for measuring the kinematic momentum flux of a jet issuing from a commercial supply device.

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Flow meters: Accelerated durability testing (NT VVS 121)

NT VVS 121

  • The aim of this method is to provide an accelerated durability test for flow meters.

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Water closets: Flushing volumes less than 6 litres (NT VVS 120)

NT VVS 120

  • This NORDTEST method specifies test methods for WC pans with integral trap, for domestic use, made from vitreouschina or stainless steel, which have a nominal flush volume or less than 6 litres.

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Floor heating systems: Acceptance test (NT VVS 119)

NT VVS 119

  • The aim of this method is to provide a simple test for documenting that, on completion of the installation, a hot water floor heating system fulfils design specifications for heating requirements. In addition, the method also requires the installer to provide full documentation of the floor heating installation.

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Ventilation: Local mean age of air -homogeneous emission techniques (NT VVS 118)

NT VVS 118

  • The aim of this test method is to test ventilation performance in buildings, including premises which cannot be treated as a single well mixed zone.

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Electret filters: Determination of the electrostatic enhancement factor of filter media (NT VVS 117)

NT VVS 117

  • This Nordtest method is intended to be used in the testing of fibrous filter materials, The purpose of the test is to determine whether the efficiency of a filter material is dependent on the electrostatic removal mechanism and to provide quantitative information about the importance of the electrostatic removal mechanism.

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Refrigator and heat pump equipment: Check-ups and performance data inferred from measurements under field conditions In the refrigerant system (NT VVS 116)

NT VVS 116

  • The scope of this Nordtest method is to provide instructions and recommendations regarding onsite performance checkups of heat pumps and refrigeration equipment.

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Refrigeration and heat pump equipment: General conditions for field testing and presentation of performance (NT VVS 115)

NT VVS 115

  • This Nordtest method provides the general conditions as well as references to specific methods to be applied in field testing and presentation of performance for heat pumps and refrigeration equipment.

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Indoor air quality: Measurement of co2 (NT VVS 114)

NT VVS 114

  • This method determines the overall function of the ventilation system by measuring the carbon dioxide, CO2 generated by the occupants. The primary intention is to measure the room air concentration, CR with one gas analyser. However by using two or more gas analysers the effectiveness or local ventilation index can also be obtained.

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Ventilatlon : Simple determination of air flow rate in thermal plumes (NT VVS 113)

NT VVS 113

  • The scope of this Nordtest method is to describe a simple procedure for measuring air flow rate in thermal free-, walland corner plumes over heat sources.

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Testing and evaluation of long term performance of solar collectors: Thermal performance, reliability and durability after one year’s outdoor exposure under stagnation conditions (NT VVS 112)

NT VVS 112

  • The objective of a one-year outdoor exposure under stagnation conditions is to ascertain whether the design of the collector has serious shortcomings in respect of design details or choice of materials that would degrade its pet-formante under realistic operating conditions.

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Solar collectors: Resistance of solar collectors to snow and wind loading NT VVS 111)

NT VVS 111

  • The purpose of these tests is to determine the ability of a collector cover plate to withstand the uniformly distributed loading resulting from positive and negative wind pressures and positive snow pressure.

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Solar collectors: Testing the solar collector’s ageing and corrosion characteristics (NT VVS 110)

NT VVS 110

  • 1.1 This method applies to solar collectors used for converting solar radiation into heat energy.

    1.2 This method covers collectors capable of being tested as independent units with forced circulation of the heat transfer medium.

    1.3 This method covers both concentrating and nonconcentrating collectors.

    1.4 This method does not cover the installation or mounting of solar collectors.

    1.5 This method covers component materials, materials performance and methods of test.

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Filters: Adsorptive gas filters (NT VVS 109)

NT VVS 109

  • The aim of this method is to measure the filter efficiency and the adsorption capacity of adsorptive filters for different gases of low concentration in air.

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Boilers, combustion of fuels: Emission of oxides of nitrogen and sulphur (NT VVS 108)

NT VVS 108

  • The principal aim of this method is to produce, by means of measurements and inspections, a decision base for the regulation of the payment and repayment of the environmental charge.

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Heating plants, small primary: Annual efficiency (NT VVS 107

NT VVS 107

  • This Nordtest method shows a test and calculation model for the assessment and comparison of annual efficiencies of small primary heating plants, especially non-condensing oil or gas fired boilers for central heating plants in one or two-family houses.

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Room air cleaners; portable: Performance (NT VVS 106)

NT VVS 106

  • This Nordtest method is used to test technical performance of portable room air cleaners, to control tobacco particles in indoor air.

    The method measures the relative reduction by the air cleaner of particulate matter suspended in the air in a specified test chamber.

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Ventilation: Flow rate, total effective -by single zone approximation (NT VVS 105)

NT VVS 105

  • The purpose of this standard is to provide a description of a technique for measuring the total effective (harmonic time average) ventilation flow rate in a building using a single zone approximation.

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Anemometers, low velocity: Natural convection from heated sensors, errors (NT VVS 104)

NT VVS 104

  • The scope of the method is to determine the error in velocity reading induced by natural convection from heated sensor elements of anemometers intended for recording low velocities.

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Thermometers, contact, direct reading: Calibration (NT VVS 103)

NT VVS 103

  • The scope of this method is to function as a guideline for the calibration of direct-reading contact thermometers by means of the comparison technique.

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