Card frames, 19 in series: Classification for vibration and shock (NT ELEC 021)

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  • Report #: NT ELEC 021
  • Approved: November 1992
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This method provides a basis for determination of the vibration and shock characteristics of standard DIN/IEC 19-inch circuit card frames (subracks).

The method is not concerned with assembled, functional products. Card frames are qualified as sub-components of products.

With reference to the method, the vibration and shock resistance of different card frames can be stated in a uniform way.

For applications with given vibration and shock requirements, it will then be possible to select an optimal card frame to hold the required circuit boards.

The method contains 4 vibration and shock test procedures of increasing severity, arranged such that one procedure covers all previous procedures. A card frame which has passed one of these test procedures is classified by the procedure number (1, 2, 3 or 4) followed by the total weight [kg] of inserted dummy-load cards. Example: A card frame which has passed severity 2 fitted with 3.7 kg of cards is designated: NT ELEC 021 - 2 - 3.7. (021 is the number of this method).


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