Wall constructions: Strength and rigidity at combined vertical and horizontal loading (NT BUILD 137)

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  • Report #: NT BUILD 137
  • Approved: September 1981
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This NORDTEST method concerns test loading of loadbearing exterior walls. The method involves the use of vertical dead and live loads combined with a static, uniformly distributed windload. The method may also be applied for testing of interior walls designed to withstand internal windloads.


The method is primarily designed for prototype-testing of loadbearing light wall structures with a hight less than approximately 3 m, but the test principle may also be used on higher walls and/or heavy massive structures. The purpose of testing may be for control of strength and rigidity of a product, or for structural design of walls where calculations alone are difficult or uncertain. Prefabricated wall elements are typical test objects, even with windows and doors installed.


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