Reinforcement: Corrosion resistance (NT BUILD 217)

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  • Report #: NT BUILD 217
  • Approved: September 1982
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This Nordtest method describes a method for the evaluation of corrosion processes in reinforcing steel in concrete.


This is a NDT method intended for the study of the influence of concrete properties and environmental factors on corrosion of steel in concrete, but not primarily for the corrosion resistance of various steel qualities.

The method can be used to measure corrosion on steel tubes in concrete, where the actual corrosion takes place on the outer surface of the tube, i.e. the surface that is in touch with concrete.

The method is most suitable for laboratory tests, but can also be used on fabricated concrete units if steel tubes with inserted fixed electrodes (see 6.2.2 below) are cast in the concrete unit.

Up to the present time, the method has been used for corrosion tests only to a limited extent. The verification of the validity and usefulness of the method need further testing.


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