Vibratory plate compactors: Noise test code (NT ACOU 087)

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  • Report #: NT ACOU 087
  • Approved: November 1992
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This Nordtest method specifies operating conditions and methods to determine the sound power level and the emission sound pressure level at the work station of vibratory plate compactors. The results can be used to compare different vibratory plate compactors.

Note - As long as there is no CEN standard this Nordtest method can be used to test hand-guided vibratory plate compactors so as to comply with the obligations of the EEC Machinery safety directive 89/392.

Noise measurement results shall be given as

a) A-weighted sound power level, LwA [dB]

b) A-weighted emission sound pressure level at the work station, LPA [dB]

c) C-weighted peak emission sound pressure level at the work station, Lpcpeak [dB]

Optional 1 /1 - and l/3-octave band analysis of Lw can be given.


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