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Joints for cast iron pipes: Fitness and tightness of elastomeric seals (NT VVS 101)

NT VVS 101

  • The purpose of this Nordtest method is to test the fitness and tightness of joints between fittings and pipes of cast iron, when these are subjected to temperature changes, pressure, bending forces, deviation from alignment and other changes present in pipes in gravity sewers.

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Magnetic valves: Functional and operational qualities (NT VVS 100)

NT VVS 100

  • This Nordtest method describes a test method for the functional and operational qualities of magnetic valves.

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Thermal storage heaters: Performance test (NT VVS 099)

NT VVS 099

  • Thermal storage heaters are designed to enable electrical energy to be supplied and stored as heat during the night. The stored heat can be used during the day when energy prices are normally higher.

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Fixed airflow measuring devices: Sensitivity to flow disturbance (NT VVS 098)

NT VVS 098

  • The purpose of this method is to evaluate the sensitivity to flow disturbance of fixed air flow measuring devices.

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Large solar collector arrays: In-situ efficiency test (NT VVS 097)

NT VVS 097

  • The purpose of the test method proposed in this report is to be able to check the efficiency of solar collector arrays, based on in-situ measurements with only a few measuring channels and relatively short measuring time.

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Drinking water, mechanical filters: Reliability (NT VVS 096)

NT VVS 096

  • This Nordtest method has been prepared to test the functional safety of mechanical filters for drinking water intended for private households and public use.

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Laboratory fume hoods: Performance (NT VVS 095)

NT VVS 095

  • A method is described for testing laboratory fume hoods (see 4, Definitions) by measuring pressure drop, noise level, face velocity and the escape concentration of tracer gas.

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Active leakage detectors: Reliability (NT VVS 094)

NT VVS 094

  • Active leakage detectors are components designed for stopping water leakage from water pipes and technical installations.

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Air valves - drainage systems: Airtightness and flow resistance (NT VVS 093)

NT VVS 093

  • This Nordtest method may be used for determining the tightness and flow resistance of air valves for gravity drainage systems.

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Ventilation: Vents for direct supply of outdoor air air flow pattern and draught criterion (NT VVS 092)

NT VVS 092

  • The scope of this Nordtest method is to determine the sensed draught (combination of local air velocity and low air temperature) created by incoming air through vents for direct supply of outdoor air into a room.

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Ventilatlon: Vents for direct supply of outdoor air capacity rating (NT VVS 091)

NT VVS 091

  • The scope of this Nordtest method is to determine the air flow rate through vents for direct supply of outdoor air, and also the air leakage rate through these vents in the closed position.

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Heating systems, deaerators: Capacity and efficiency, various water flows (NT VVS 090)

NT VVS 090

  • This NORDTEST method describes tests of maximum deaeration capacity and deaeration efficiency at various water flows for deaerators.

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Thermal anemometers low velocities: Frequency response and time-constant or cut-off frequency (NT VVS 089)

NT VVS 089

  • This method is to be used for the determination of the frequency response in the range 0.5 - 7 Hz of low velocity anemometers. The cut-off frequency or time constant is taken as a single measure of the frequency response.

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Buildings: Large scale kitchen range hoods - hood efficiency and pressure drop (NT VVS 088)

NT VVS 088

  • This test provides a method of measuring hood efficiency and pressure drop for large scale kitchen range hoods.

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Large heat meters: In situ calibration (NT VVS 087)

NT VVS 087

  • This NORDTEST method is designed for on-site calibration of heat meters (in situ calibration). In this way, there will be no influence from the installation.

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Exhaust air heat pumps: Performancea (NT VVS 086)

NT VVS 086

  • This method describes the procedure used for testing large exhaust air heat pumps.

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Heat meters: Combined or complete instrument,performance test (NT VVS 085)

NT VVS 085

  • This NORDTEST method is designed for evaluating heat meters for the purpose of pattern approval.

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Three-way control valves for hot water systems: Flow characteristics of the valve used as mixing valve (NT VVS 084)

NT VVS 084

  • This method is to be used for testing the hydraulic properties of 3-way control valves used as mixing valves.

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Air terminal devices: Aerodynamic testing and rating at low velocity (NT VVS 083)

NT VVS 083

  • This method describes laboratory aerodynamic testing and rating of Low Velocity Air Terminal Devices (ATDs) for displacement flow applications, including the specification of suitable test facilities and measurement techniques.

File size: 109.86 KB Download

Liquid flow metering installations: Radioactive tracer transit time method, in situ calibration (NT VVS 082)

NT VVS 082

  • This document specifies the method for in situ calibration of liquid flow metering installations using the radioactive tracer transit time method. The method specified is an application of the flow measurement method described in ISO 2975/Vll for the calibration of permanent flow meter installations.

File size: 107.40 KB Download

Gullies - roof drainage: Syphonic systems, discharge characteristics (NT VVS 081)

NT VVS 081

  • This NORDTEST method specifies a procedure to determine the capacity and the characteristics of rainwater gullies especially designed for and used as a part of a syphonic roof drainage system.

File size: 41.00 KB Download

Pre-insulated bonded pipe units: Thermal transmlttance measurements (NT VVS 080)

NT VVS 080

  • This Nordtest method is a laboratory test method for the determination of the thermal performance of pre-insulated bonded pipe units.

File size: 50.84 KB Download

Mixing valves, pressure and thermostatic balanced: Stability of water flow and water temperature (NT VVS 079)

NT VVS 079

  • This method is to be used for testing the ability of automatic mixing valves to maintain the rate of flow and the temperature of the outflowing water when the pressure in the water supply system alternates.

File size: 43.90 KB Download

Ceiling cooling systems: Cooling capacity (NT VVS 078)

NT VVS 078

  • The method describes a test arrangement and procedure for measuring the cooling capacity of ceiling cooling systems without forced air flow.

File size: 27.97 KB Download

Pipe insulation: Thermal transmittance (NT VVS 077)

NT VVS 077

  • This Nordtest method is a laboratory test method for the determination of the thermal performance of pipe insulation.

File size: 493.38 KB Download

Large heat pumps: Field testing and presentation of performance (NT VVS 076)

NT VVS 076

  • This Nordtest method is intended to be used in the presentation and testing of performance primarily for large heat pumps.

File size: 69.05 KB Download

Domestic wastewater treatment - septic tank: Sludge separation, storage capacity (NT VVS 075)

NT VVS 075

  • This NORDTEST-method describes tests of sludge separation and sludge storage capacity for septic tanks for private domestic sewer systems.

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Total ventilation air flow rate: Continous measurement - constant flow technique (NT VVS 074)

NT VVS 074

  • The scope of the method is to determine the total inflow of outdoor air to a ventilated space.

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Circulating pumps: Heating and water supply systems, performance (NT VVS 073)

NT VVS 073

  • This NORDTEST method describes a test for the determination of the performance of circulating pumps for heating and water supply systems.

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Sanitary fittings: Overflow (NT VVS 072)

NT VVS 072

  • The test method may be used for all types of sanitary fittings equipped with overflow arrangement.

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