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Drinking water, mechanical filters: Reliability (NT VVS 096)

NT VVS 096

  • This Nordtest method has been prepared to test the functional safety of mechanical filters for drinking water intended for private households and public use.

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Intercomparison and method for uncertainty calculation of water and heat flow (NT TR 610)

NT TR 610

  • A relatively high utilisation of district heating and limited resources of drinking water makes metering of water and heat of great importance in both the Nordic and the Baltic countries. This has further resulted in a heavy focus on testing and calibration of the meters as well as on the uncertainty of the meter installation.

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Study to characterize thermal convection effects in water (NT TR 501)

NT TR 501

  • The careful hydrostatic weighing measurements with alternative preparations performed could not verify the working hypothesis of an existing very thin air layer on objects immersed into water, a problem that occurs whenever primary density determinations are carried out.

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Natural organic matter in the Nordic countries (NT TR 479)

NT TR 479

  • The NOMiNiC project
    1. TOC intercalibration
    2. Physico-chemical characteristics of DOM

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Organic coatings: Exposure to water of low conductivity (NT POLY 162)


  • This Nordtest method is an accelerated laboratory test for assessment of the ability of organic coatings to resist degradation by blistering. The method is applicable to paints/coatings applied on steel structures and exposed to low conductivity water.

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Preparation of water-in-oil emulsion for testing of oil spill response equipment (NT CHEM 003)


  • This document describes a method for preparation of waterin-oil emulsion in quantities appropriate for testing of fullscale oil spill response equipment.

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Steep roofs - coverings : Tightness (NT BUILD 118)


  • The present NORDTEST-method is intended primarely for testing the rain tightness of overlapping roofing materials on sloping roofs. The method is based on the principle of a combined rain- and windload and, if relevant, a pressure gradient over the roof covering.

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Walls in bathrooms: Watertightness and resistance to water and moisture (NT BUILD 058)


  • The scope of this suitability of walls NORDTEST method is to evaluate the - especially walls containing wood or wood based materials - in bathrooms or other rooms with a similar exposure to water. The test is intended to simulate the effect of long-term use.


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