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Uncertainty from sampling - A Nordtest Handbook (NT TR 604 ed 2)

NT TR 604 ed2

  • This handbook provides practical guidance on sampling uncertainty estimation in the Nordtest TR handbook format. The handbook is an extract of, and based on the principles, methods and text of the Eurachem Guide Estimation of measurement uncertainty arising from sampling. The Eurachem guide is more extensive and provides details on theory and additional examples. In 2019 Eurachem published a revised edition and therefore also the Nordtest handbook is revised.

    The overall purpose of this handbook is to provide a set of tools for calculation and control of the sampling uncertainty of the sampling procedure. It is the intention to make these tools and the understanding of their use available outside the world of analytical chemistry, although the basic principles applied originate from analytical chemistry. We hope that this is achieved but if not, please recall that statistics generally seem to be more complicated than it actually is…

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Developments of a framework of organic leaching tests for environmental impact assessments (NT TR 585)

NT TR 585

  • The main objective of this project was to develop a guidance document on selecting appropriate leaching methods for evaluating the leaching properties for non-volatile organic compounds from waste and contaminated soil and on interpreting leaching test results for impact assessment.

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Tests for doc-leaching from waste materials (NT TR 582)

NT TR 582

  • Decision 2003/33/EC establishes procedures and criteria for different parameters needed in the acceptance of waste at landfills in accordance with the EU Landfill Directive. One of these parameters is dissolved organic carbon (DOC). This parameter is a consequence of the need for gradually reducing the landfilling of biodegradable waste in order to reduce green house emissions.

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Leaching of organic contaminants from construction debris - Development of a diffusion test procedure (NT TR 577)

NT TR 577

  • A test procedure has been designed to determine diffusion of organic contaminants from monolithic materials. The method is based on the use of a scavenger with a high sorption capacity which allows a near zero aqueous concentration and there by achieves a maximum diffusion gradient from the test object.

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Biodegradability testing of the municipal solid waste reject (NT TR 560)

NT TR 560

  • Sustainable development requires an environmentally sound, cost effective and socially acceptable management of municipal and industrial waste. Landfilling of untreated municipal solid waste (MSW) is known to lead to emissions of leachate and landfill gas, above all methane, which contributes to the greenhouse effect.

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Waste testing in Baltic countries - Transfer and exchange of information on leaching tests (NT TR 559)

NT TR 559

  • The aim of the project was to transfer and exchange information on waste leaching tests gained in Nordtest projects. Nordtest supports the development of common research methods in the Nordic countries and has also published several test methods.

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Suitability of XRF-methods on on-site testing of waste materials (NT TR 545)

NT TR 545

  • In the EU landfill directive the assessment of waste suitability on disposal is divided into three levels according to intended use. The lowest level, called on-site verification usually takes place on the landfill site and is mainly for control purposes to confirm that the waste quality meets characteristics defined in the two upper acceptability assessment phases.

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CEN EN 12457 leaching test - Comparison of test results obtained by part 1 and 2 with test results obtained by part 3 (NT TR 539)

NT TR 539

  • The report compares leaching results obtained by two one-step batch leaching tests (en 12457 part 1 and 2) with leaching results obtained by a two-steps batch-leaching test (EN 12457 part 3). The effect of the used contact time and the effect of using different number of leaching steps were evaluated.

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Acceptance criteria for landfilling of waste under nordic conditions (NT TR 520)

NT TR 520

  • In the report the various classes and sub-categories of landfills that are possible within the framework of the EU Landfill Directive are presented and discussed, and the need within the Nordic countries for sub-categories of the three main classes of landfills (inert, non-hazardous and hazardous waste landfills) is evaluated.

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Biotests and guidelines for investigations of biochemical disorders based upon characterisation of pollutants in landfill leachates (NT TR 518)

NT TR 518

  • The objective of this project is to investigate if leachate from Norwegian landfills affect the reproductive system in fish, similar to what is found in Lake Molnbyggen in Sweden, and to evaluate and, if necessary, to adapt existing tests for biological characterisation of leachate to see whether they are suitable for detecting such disorders.

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Use of lysimeters for characterisation of leaching from soil and mainly inorganic waste materials (NT TR 473)

NT TR 473

  • The understanding and interpretation of leaching processes have improved significantly during the past two decades and several Nordic countries have implemented the use of leaching tests in recent or pending legislation on utilisation and landfilling of waste and contaminated soil. This progress is based mainly on experience from laboratory experiments in combination with modelling work but also on the use of field lysimeters.

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Influence of critical test conditions on the results of pH-dependent leaching tests (NT TR 466)

NT TR 466

  • The purpose of the project has been to investigate the influence of some potentially critical test conditions on the results of pH-dependent tests. Two types of pH-dependent tests, the pH static test and the ANC-test were considered.

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Development of tests for characterising the leaching of organic compounds from contaminated soils and waste products (NT TR 464)

NT TR 464

  • The main purpose of this project has been to evaluate primarily the technical feasibility of applying and standardising leaching tests that may be used to describe the leaching of organic components from contaminated soil and waste materials.

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Nesigurnost uzorkovanja - Nordtest prurucnik za planiranje uzorkovanja vezano za obezbeenje kvaliteta uzorkovanja i procenu nesigurnosti (NT TR 604 - Serbian)

NT TR 604 - Serbian

  • The handbook provides practical guidance on sampling uncertainty estimation in the Nordtest TR handbook format. The handbook is an extract of and based upon the principles, methods and text of the international Eurachem Guide Estimation of measurement uncertainty arising from sampling. The Eurachem guide is more extensive and provides details on theory and additional examples. The basic reference for the text in this handbook is the above-mentioned Eurachem guide.


Nordtest is a trademark of Nordic cooperation in conformity assessment. The emphasis of Nordtest is to develop, promote and innovate Nordic test methods and pre-normative activity. Nordtest endeavours to remove technical barriers to trade and promotes the concept: “Approved once, accepted everywhere”.