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Whole body vibration in mobile machinery - A pilot study of consequences of new evaluation methods (NT TR 516)

NT TR 516

  • Whole-body vibration emission from mobile workplaces must, in order to meet the EU ‘Machinery Directive’, be declared. A number of methods for the evaluation of whole-body vibration exposure have been standardised. Depending on the choice of evaluation method different conclusions as to the vibration exposure can be reached.

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Mechanical components: Acceptance criteria for components excited by vibration (NT MECH 043)


  • This NORDTEST method is intended to show how to set acceptance criteria on the basis of the dynamic properties of mechanical components.

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Card frames, 19 in series: Classification for vibration and shock (NT ELEC 021)


  • This method provides a basis for determination of the vibration and shock characteristics of standard DIN/IEC 19-inch circuit card frames (subracks).

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Lightweight aggregates for railway embankments - Resistance to cyclic compressive loading (NT BUILD 503)


  • The method specifies the procedures for the determination of the compressive deformation of lightweight aggregates during a fatigue test carried out with cyclic compressive load. The method is primarily designed for aggregates to be used in railway embankments and is applicable for lightweight aggregates and recycled aggregates with maximum particle size 32 mm.

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Lightweight aggregates: Compressibility and compressive strength after compaction by vibration (NT BUILD 498)


  • The method specifies the procedure for the determination of the compressibility of light weight aggregates. The test is applicable for light weight aggregates and recycled aggregates of up to 32 mm maximum size.

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Acoustics: Assessment of annoyance caused by vibrations in dwellings from road and rail traffic by means of socio-vibrational and social surveys (NT ACOU 106)


  • This Nordtest Method is a guide to the content, conduct, text file output describing the survey, procedures, sites and objective measures, and the data file output of sociovibrational and social surveys measuring annoyance due to vibrations in dwellings from road and rail traffic.

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Machines - vibration: Mechanical mounting of accelerometers (NT ACOU 103)


  • This Nordtest method specifies methods for accelerometer mounting to be used for measurement of vibration with limited peak amplitudes. It shall be used as a complement to IS0 5348:1998 in which basic information is given.

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Vibration measuring instrumentation: Verification procedure (NT ACOU 094)


  • This document specifies a method for verification of instrumentation used for measurement of vibration.

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Building structures, junctions: Transmission of vibrations - field measurements (NT ACOU 090)


  • This Nordtest method describes a field method for measuring the transmission of vibrations through junctions in buildings when a structure is excited mechanically into resonant, flexural vibrations.


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