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Scientific background for the basis of an international standard for easy-to-open packages - EASYOPENPACK 2006-2008 (NT TR 614)

NT TR 614

  • Various characteristics of food packages are nowadays good, including their safety aspects. However, a novel problem has arisen: how to open the package easily. This is a challenge not only to consumers with reduced hand function, but it is common for all of us to face every now and then difficulties in opening packages. But what makes it easy to open a package, and what are the most critical factors for consumers in opening packages?

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Nordic sewer system inspection manual - Part 1 - Pipelines (NT TR 574)

NT TR 574

  • The present manual includes standard definitions, pictures, and drawings for the purpose of describing observations of sewer systems provided by visual inspection. The overall objective is to describe how these inspections can be performed on an identical level in the Nordic countries.

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A new standard for machine strength grading of timber - assessment and application (NT TR 554)

NT TR 554

  • A new standard “prEN 14081 Timber structures – Strength graded structural timber with rectangular cross section” is under development. This standard lays down the requirements for visual and machine graded structural timber and results in the possibility to CE-mark structural timber.

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Improving heat fluxmeter calibration for fire testing laboratories (HFCAL) (NT TR 527)

NT TR 527

  • Tests of resistance to fire, representing fully developed fires, use more and more often heat flux gauges. In reaction to fire testing the initial stages of the fire are considered, ranging from smouldering cigarettes to small flames and "Single Burning Items". To characterise the thermal load to the test specimen, all national and international test methods need a direct measurement of the heat flux incident on the specimen.

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Measurement of Sound Pressure Levels at Low Frequencies in Rooms (NT TR 385)

NT TR 385

  • Comparison of available methods and standards with respect to microphone positions. Proposal for new procedures.


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