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Nordic standard interface for transfer of data and graphics between proficiency test webs and statistical software (NT TR 513)

NT TR 513

  • In this project an XML/DTD standard has been tested for exchange of data and graphics between web pages and statistical software. It has been demonstrated how the most common and essential dataset/structures used in proficiency testing, could be specified.

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Safety assessment of systems containing COTS software (NT TR 460)

NT TR 460

  • The integration of COTS software adds uncertainties in the design and construction of safety related systems. Limited documentation on the COTS characteristics such as design, resource demands and performances are likely to introduce additional risks to the system.

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Programmable electrical medical sytems (PEMS): Evaluation of the functional safety of the programmable medical equipment (NT ELEC 032)


  • This test method (more correctly assessment method) aims to evaluate the functional safety of medical devices incorporating programmable electronics.

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Programmable logic controller (plc): Validation of plc safety critical application software (NT ELEC 031)


  • This Nordtest report provides a method for validation of PLC safety critical application software.


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