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Analysis of mortars with additives (NT TR 594)

NT TR 594

  • Existing methods for the analysis of masonry and rendering mortars were developed for the analysis of well defined simple mortars. Mortars used today are to a large extent hybrid mortars with different additives and filler. Analysing complex mortars with additives and fillers requires analytical routines that are more versatile.

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Revisjon av Nordtestmetode for besemmelse av betongs strekkfasthet og heftefasthet mellom betong og mørtel (NT TR 457)

NT TR 457

  • Three Nordtest methods for testing tensile strength of concrete and bond strength between concrete substructure and cast-on layer of concrete, mortar or sprayed concrete were evaluated in this project for proposing a new revised Nordtest method.

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Concrete, mortar, hardened: Water permeability of water-saturated concrete (NT BUILD 506)


  • This NORDTEST method is intended for the determination of the water permeability of cast or drilled test specimens of hardened, water-saturated concrete or mortar.

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Concrete, mortar and cement-based repair materials: Chloride migration coefficient from non-steady-state migration experiments (NT BUILD 492)


  • This procedure is for determination of the chloride migration coefficient in concrete, mortar or cement-based repair materials from non-steady-state migration experiments.

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Mortar, hardened: Frost resistance (NT BUILD 483)


  • This NORDTEST method specifies a test method for determining the resistance of hardened mortars to freezing and thawing. The method is applicable to masonry and rendering mortars based on mineral binders.

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Cement: Heat of hydration (NT BUILD 480)


  • This method is used to determine the heat of hydration of cement in mortar, during the hardening process. The test procedure is identical to NT Build 388 and gives a specification regarding the mix proportion of the tested mortar. The heat developed is described as the amount of energy produced for different maturity ages of the mortar. To be able to define the heat development as energy per mass unit of cement, it is necessary to know the heat capacity of the components in the mortar.

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Mortar, hardened: Compressive strength by indentation tests (NT BUILD 440)


  • This NORDTEST draft specifies a method for estimating the compressive strength of small mortar specimens. The method is especially suitable for specimens of set mortar cut from masonry structures.

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Concrete, hardened and mortar: Calcium oxide and soluble silica contents (NT BUILD 437)


  • This is a method for determining calcium oxide content and soluble silica content of concrete. The results can be used to estimate the cement content of concrete and sometimes the type of cement. However, this estimation is outside the scope of this method.

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Concrete and mortar: Binder content by calculation from chemical analysis (NT BUILD 436)


  • The method can be applied to calculation of the cement content of concrete and the binder content of mortar on the basis of chemical analysis of the calcium oxide and soluble silica content in the sample and loss on ignition of the sample.

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Concrete, mortar and cement based repair materials: Chloride diffusion coefficient from migration cell experiments (NT BUILD 355 - Edition 2)


  • The steady state chloride ion diffusion coefficient of concrete, mortar and cement based repair materials is determined by an accelerated laboratory test method. The amount of chloride vs. time passing through a porous material exposed to a constant direct voltage is measured after steady state is reached, in order to calculate a chloride diffusion coefficient.


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