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Contôle interne de la qualité - Manuel pour les laboratoires d'analyses chimiques (Trollboken - Troll book) (NT TR 569 - French/français))

NT TR 569 - French

  • L’objectif de ce manuel est de servir de guide pratique pour le contrôle interne de la qualité . Il est écrit pour vous – qui avez comme travail les mesures de routine dans le laboratoire d’analyses.

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Inter-laboratory comparison of fatigue test with evaluation of the participating laboratories calculations of measurement uncertainty (NT TR 533)

NT TR 533

  • In this paper a fatigue testing inter-laboratory comparison is presented. Six Nordic laboratories performed fatigue tests on steel specimens. The specimens were tested with different stress levels (460 MPa, 430 MPa and 400 MPa) and with the load ratio R=Smin/Smax =0.1. On each level four specimens were tested. The participating laboratories reported the results together with measurement uncertainty.


Nordtest is a trademark of Nordic cooperation in conformity assessment. The emphasis of Nordtest is to develop, promote and innovate Nordic test methods and pre-normative activity. Nordtest endeavours to remove technical barriers to trade and promotes the concept: “Approved once, accepted everywhere”.