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Nordic intercomparison programme in the field of acoustics – 3. Measurement: Field measurements of airborne sound insulation (NT TR 290)

NT TR 290

  • An Intercomparison concerning field measurements of airborne sound insulation has been carried through by five participating laboratories from the 22nd to the 25th August 1995. Three different test methods were used: The traditional ISO 140-4 method, a proposed new simple survey method and an intensity scanning method.

    For the measurements carried out according to ISO 140-4 the reproducibility shows good agreement with the reference values stated in ISO 140-2.

    With the survey method a surprisingly good reproducibility is obtained even for the more difficult room types.

    The achieved reproducibility for the intensity method is acceptable. During the measurements some proposals for improvement of the intensity method were found.

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Building elements, small: Sound insulation, intensity scanning under laboratory conditions (NT ACOU 093)


  • This Nordtest method specifies a laboratory sound intensity scanning method of measuring the airborne sound insulation of such small building elements as are defined below. This method also establishes directions about reporting and applying such test data.


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