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Floor heating systems: Acceptance test (NT VVS 119)

NT VVS 119

  • The aim of this method is to provide a simple test for documenting that, on completion of the installation, a hot water floor heating system fulfils design specifications for heating requirements. In addition, the method also requires the installer to provide full documentation of the floor heating installation.

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Refrigeration and heat pump equipment: General conditions for field testing and presentation of performance (NT VVS 115)

NT VVS 115

  • This Nordtest method provides the general conditions as well as references to specific methods to be applied in field testing and presentation of performance for heat pumps and refrigeration equipment.

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Round Robin test on heat exchanger or district heating (NT TR 532)

NT TR 532

  • Four partners from three Nordic countries carried out for the first time a Round Robin test on a heat exchanger designed for district heating applications. The aim was to investigate the level of uncertainty achieved in determining the thermal capacity and pressure losses in a heat exchanger.

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Intercomparison of sandboxes used for testing joints for district heating pipes (NT TR 495)

NT TR 495

  • An intercomparison has been carried out between 3 laboratories concerning a type test for joints according to EN489 District heating pipes – Pre-insulated bonded pipe systems for directly buried hot water networks - Joint assembly for steel service pipes, polyurethane thermal insulation and outer casing of polyethylene.


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