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Electronic equipment: Determination of the shielding efficiency of shielding elements using shielded non-absorbing test rooms (NT ELEC 030)


  • The purpose of this test method is to verify the shielding efficiency of shielding elements in connection with EMC design of enclosures for electronic equipment and apparatus.

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Electronic equipment: Protection against electrostatic discharge (NT ELEC 024)


  • Electrostatic charges and their discharges (ESD) are major threats to the life of electronics and mainly the semiconductors. This threat appears whenever an electrostatic discharge sensitive component, printed wiring board or assembly is handled, transported, stored, manufactured, tested etc.

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Electrotechnical and mechanical products: Tightness against water jets originating from high pressure cleaning processes (NT ELEC 023)


  • The purpose of this test method is to verify the ability of covers and seals to retain components and equipment in good working order after, and when necessary, during high pressure cleaning processes.

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Card frames, 19 in series: Classification for vibration and shock (NT ELEC 021)


  • This method provides a basis for determination of the vibration and shock characteristics of standard DIN/IEC 19-inch circuit card frames (subracks).

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Electronic equipment, supplementary, intended for installation in road vehicles: Electromagnetic compatibility (NT ELEC 019)


  • When applied to electronic components, devices and systems, this test shows, that there exists an acceptable high probability of electromagnetic compatibility with the electromagnetic environment in ground vehicles like private cars, small trucks and comparable vehicles.

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Printed wiring assemblies: Reliability stress screening (NT ELEC 018)


  • New electronic equipment in the first hundreds of hours of operation (the initial period) has a failure intensity that is typically 5-20 times as high as the steady state failure intensity during the period of operation.

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Electrical equipment: Environmental test procedures (NT ELEC 016a)

NT ELEC 016a

  • This document forms Amendment 1 to NT ELEC 016G, ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: ENVIRONMENTAL TEST PROCEDURES, Approved 1990-06, and shall only be used in connection with that document.


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