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Direct acting electric heating – Testing of control systems Part 3: evaluation using real-time simulation (NT VVS 125)

NT VVS 125

  • The test method is designed for evaluation of electric-heat controllers (see Part 1) by means of real-time simulation.

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Direct acting electric heating – Testing of control systems: Part 2: evaluation of control sensors (NT VVS 124)

NT VVS 124

  • The test method is intended for laboratory testing of sensors for control systems of electrically heated single-family dwellings.

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Direct acting electric heating – testing of control systems: Part 1: terminology and evaluation in a test chamber (NT VVS 123)

NT VVS 123

  • The test method is designed for laboratory testing of control systems for direct acting room heaters, primarily for single family houses. This method denotes such a system as an electric-heat controller. The electric-heat controller may consist of either a central unit or several individual or coordinated local units.

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Validation of safety-related wireless machine control systems (NT TR 605)

NT TR 605

  • Wireless technologies are spreading also to safety-related applications. Wireless communication is realised by sending messages bit by bit from transmitter to receiver (serial mode communication). This resembles quite much the method used in field buses. There are already several field buses, which are validated to be used in safetyrelated applications.


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