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Guideline for classification classification of ash from solid biofuels and peat utilised for recycling and fertilizing in forestry and agriculture (NT TR 613)

NT TR 613

  • This Guideline informs about national legislation in Europe on the utilisation of ash from solid biofuels and peat in forestry and agriculture as well as this ash in relation to EU legislation on hazardous waste. Legislation in Denmark, Finland and Sweden is described in detail including limit values for nutrients and minor elements.

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Adhesive compounds: tests for use in marine environments (NT POLY 175))


  • This test method describes tests on adhesive compounds and acts as a basis for the classification of adhesive compounds.

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Card frames, 19 in series: Classification for vibration and shock (NT ELEC 021)


  • This method provides a basis for determination of the vibration and shock characteristics of standard DIN/IEC 19-inch circuit card frames (subracks).

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Floating floors: Structural classification (NT BUILD 384)


  • This Nordtest method deals with a floor type which is designated “floating floor” and is defined in clause 2. The method specifies a static and alternating load (wheel load) test.

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Mobile walls: Rating of expected airborne sound insulation (NT ACOU 086)


  • This Nordtest method specifies a method for mobile walls by which a relation is established between the airborne sound insulation measured in the laboratory and the airborne sound insulation to be expected in the field.


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