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Thermometers, contact, direct reading: Calibration (NT VVS 103)

NT VVS 103

  • The scope of this method is to function as a guideline for the calibration of direct-reading contact thermometers by means of the comparison technique.

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Thermometers, liquid-in-glass: Calibration (NT VVS 102)

NT VVS 102

  • The scope of this method is to function as a guideline for the calibration of liquid-in-glass thermometers by means of the comparison technique.

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Liquid flow metering installations: Radioactive tracer transit time method, in situ calibration (NT VVS 082)

NT VVS 082

  • This document specifies the method for in situ calibration of liquid flow metering installations using the radioactive tracer transit time method. The method specified is an application of the flow measurement method described in ISO 2975/Vll for the calibration of permanent flow meter installations.

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Linear calibration of axial load fatigue testing machines (NT TR 579)

NT TR 579

  • A method of linear calibration of axial load fatigue testing machines is proposed. It is built on the understanding obtained from a vibration analysis of the force transfer function from the load cell of the machine to a fabricated calibration bar. The results have been successfully verified on a commercial testing machine installed at SP in Borås.

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Calibration procedures for atomic force microscopes (NT TR 536)

NT TR 536

  • More than 8 years of research in calibration of atomic force microscopes (AFM) has been condensed in to two procedures for calibration of metrology grade AFM instruments. The greatest success of the project is that DFM in September 2002 has - as one of the first laboratories in the world - successfully passed a technical assessment for using one of these procedures for accredited (i.e. traceable) AFM measurements.

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Uncertainty in heat flux calibrations performed according to NT FIRE 050 (NT TR 494)

NT TR 494

  • The combined expanded uncertainty for calibrations according to NT FIRE 050 performed in the furnace at SP is calculated and presented. The result is presented in tables so that the parameters that contributes most to combined uncertainty is easily recognized.

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Traceable calibration and uncertainty of measurements in scanning electron microscopy NT TR 252

NT TR 252

  • The objective of this study was to develop guidelines for measuring quantitative chemical compositions and dimensions in scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to a predetermined level of uncertainty with the help of the new publication ISO/TAG4/WG 3 (June 1992): Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement.

    A literature survey was made in order to see what relevant standards or recognised procedures are available for measurements in SEM.

    This report containes worked examples of uncertainty analysis and application of the ISO/TAG4/WG 3 guide for measurements in SEM. The results of experiments and the literature survey are summarised and the suitability of the ISO/TAG4/WG 3 guide is discussed.

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When do we need calibration of equipment used in testing laboratories? (NT TR 226)

NT TR 226

  • One of the most important elements in a testing laboratory quality system is a practical, well-functioning equipment management system.

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Pendulum impact testing machines: Calibration (NT MECH 036)


  • This Nordtest method deals with the calibration of Pendulum Impact Testing Machines (PITM’s).

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Static torque meters: Calibration (NT MECH 024)


  • This NORDTEST method describes the calibration of torque measuring instruments of both mechanical and electrical types.

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Pressure balances: Gas medium, calibration (NT MECH 023)


  • This extension of the existing NORDTEST method NT MECH 009 describes the necessary alterations to NT MECH 009 in order to use it for pressure balances with gas as pressure transmitting medium.

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Pressure gauges: Calibration (NT MECH 022)


  • This NORDTEST method describes the calibration of pressure gauges of both mechanical and electrical types.

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Pressure balances: Calibration (NT MECH 009)


  • This Nordtest method describes the calibration of pressure balances by comparison with a calibrated pressure balance.

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Heat flux meters: Calibration (NT FIRE 050)


  • This is a method for calibration of heat flux meters which are exposed to a well defined radiation from a radiant heat source.

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Components and insulation materials in electronics: Determination of electric strength by partial discharge measurement (NT ELEC 029)


  • The purpose of this test method is to verify the electrical strength of components and insulating materials in electronic equipment by partial discharge measurement.

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Voltmeters and ammeters for dc welding: Calibration and function testing (NT ELEC 028)


  • This NORDTEST method describes procedures for calibration of voltmeters and ammeters which are to be used for measurements of voltage and current during direct current are welding. It also describes test procedures to verify the fitness of an instrument for measurements during direct current arc welding.

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Psychrometers for test chambers: Calibration (NT ELEC 020)


  • The method can be used for calibration of measuring psychrometers against a work standard or a work standard against a reference standard. If no work standard is used, the measuring psychrometers are all calibrated against a reference standard.

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Calibration of gypsum blocks for soil moisture measurements (NT BUILD 496)


  • This test method covers the determination of calibration curves of gypsum blocks used to determine the suction pressure in soil.

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Relative air humidity: Calibration of electrical instruments (NT BUILD 340)


  • The scope of this NORDTEST method is to calibrate electrical instruments for the measurement of relative air humidity. The test method is only for measuring equipment which gives off or takes up humidity to a limited extent.


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