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Assessment of Compost Maturity and Ecotoxicity (NT TR 404)

NT TR 404

  • The purpose of the Nordtest project was to identify the problems associated with the utilization of compost in the Nordic countries.

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Assessment of corrosion protection classes for inorganic coatings on steel (NT MAT 003)

NT MAT 003

  • This Nordtest method describes a procedure to assess the corrosion protection class of inorganic coatings on steel from the results of an accelerated corrosion test.

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Programmable electrical medical sytems (PEMS): Evaluation of the functional safety of the programmable medical equipment (NT ELEC 032)


  • This test method (more correctly assessment method) aims to evaluate the functional safety of medical devices incorporating programmable electronics.


Nordtest is a trademark of Nordic cooperation in conformity assessment. The emphasis of Nordtest is to develop, promote and innovate Nordic test methods and pre-normative activity. Nordtest endeavours to remove technical barriers to trade and promotes the concept: “Approved once, accepted everywhere”.