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Provtagning och analys av träskyddsbehandlat virke (NT TR 567 - Swedish)

NT TR 567

  • The aim of this investigation, which was carried out with financial support from the Nordic Innovation Centre (Project no 1628-03) and the Nordic Wood Preservation Council, was to study the Nordic rules for quality control and certification of preservative-treated wood and to identify in what respect they were interpreted differently by the inspectors in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and thus where there was a need for clarifying guidance.

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Suitability of XRF-methods on on-site testing of waste materials (NT TR 545)

NT TR 545

  • In the EU landfill directive the assessment of waste suitability on disposal is divided into three levels according to intended use. The lowest level, called on-site verification usually takes place on the landfill site and is mainly for control purposes to confirm that the waste quality meets characteristics defined in the two upper acceptability assessment phases.

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CEN EN 12457 leaching test - Comparison of test results obtained by part 1 and 2 with test results obtained by part 3 (NT TR 539)

NT TR 539

  • The report compares leaching results obtained by two one-step batch leaching tests (en 12457 part 1 and 2) with leaching results obtained by a two-steps batch-leaching test (EN 12457 part 3). The effect of the used contact time and the effect of using different number of leaching steps were evaluated.

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Solid waste, granular inorganic material: Oxidised availability test (NT ENVIR 006)


  • This Nordtest method is a serial batch leaching test performed under oxidised conditions, at specified pH values and at an US ratio of 100 in each step.

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Solid waste, particulate materials: Sampling (NT ENVIR 004)


  • These recommendations cover sampling of solid residues, such as ashes, slags and like residues, based on classical statistics.

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Solid waste, granular inorganic material: Availability test (NT ENVIR 003)


  • This Nordtest method is a batch leaching test and the test produces an eluate which shall be analysed chemically and physically.

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Solid waste, granular inorganic material: Column test (NT ENVIR 002)


  • This Nordtest method is a column test and the test produces eluates, which shall be analysed chemically and physically (e.g. temperature).

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Solid waste, municipal: Sampling and characterisation (NT ENVIR 001)


  • The function of this test method is to obtain information about the amount and composition of solid waste, primarily household waste and similar mixed waste from various enterprises and activities, excluding branch-specific waste from industry, agriculture, construction and demolition, energy production and solid and liquid waste treatment plants.

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Concrete, fresh: Chloride content (NT BUILD 199)


  • This NORDTEST method specifies a method for the determination of the chloride content in fresh concrete.


Nordtest is a trademark of Nordic cooperation in conformity assessment. The emphasis of Nordtest is to develop, promote and innovate Nordic test methods and pre-normative activity. Nordtest endeavours to remove technical barriers to trade and promotes the concept: “Approved once, accepted everywhere”.