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Transgenic raw materials in food production - Detection of transgene and heterologous protein levels (NT TR 542)

NT TR 542

  • The aim of the project was to find out through a model case whether the threshold of 1 % GM material in foods is detectable with the present analytical methods. The transgenic barley material was homozygotized through microspore culture for production of doubled haploid (DH) plants. The transgenic and non-transgenic barley samples were malted, mashed and fermented.

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CEN EN 12457 leaching test - Comparison of test results obtained by part 1 and 2 with test results obtained by part 3 (NT TR 539)

NT TR 539

  • The report compares leaching results obtained by two one-step batch leaching tests (en 12457 part 1 and 2) with leaching results obtained by a two-steps batch-leaching test (EN 12457 part 3). The effect of the used contact time and the effect of using different number of leaching steps were evaluated.


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