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Guideline for selection of accelerated corrosion test for product qualification (NT TR 597)

NT TR 597

  • The Guideline in this report has been prepared as a framework for comparing existing accelerated corrosion tests and should be applicable in the choice of best method and procedure for qualification testing of a product with respect to corrosion resistance.

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Determination of corrosion protection classes for inorganic coatings on steel (NT TR 462 Swedish)

NT TR 462

  • The report is in Swedish and presents the results of NORDTEST project 1459:99. The objective of this project was to develop a method for quantitative rating of the corrosion protection capability of inorganic coatings on steel by making use of results from accelerated corrosion testing.

    A model was developed for quantitative rating of the corrosion protection capability in terms of the resistance of a coating to withstand 15 years of use in environments characterized by the corrosivity classes defined in ISO 9223. The model makes use of zinc and carbon steel as reference materials.

    Three accelerated tests were studied for the rating of the corrosion protection capability, namely, the neutral salt spray test according to ISL> 9227, cyclic salt spray and humidity testing according to VDA 621-415, and accelerated outdoor testing according to ISO 11474 (VOLVO-SCAB). Altogether 18 different inorganic coating systems were tested by the accelerated test methods and the results used to determine the corrosion protection class of the coatings.


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