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Application of WST-method for fracture testing of fibre-reinforced concrete (NT TR 575)

NT TR 575

  • To evaluate the reproducibility of the wedge-splitting test method and to provide guidelines, a round robin study was conducted in which three labs participated.

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Round Robin test on heat exchanger or district heating (NT TR 532)

NT TR 532

  • Four partners from three Nordic countries carried out for the first time a Round Robin test on a heat exchanger designed for district heating applications. The aim was to investigate the level of uncertainty achieved in determining the thermal capacity and pressure losses in a heat exchanger.

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Nordic Round Robin and Investigation on IMO Resolution A 653 (16) (NT TR 529)

NT TR 529

  • This Nordtest Project critically examines the deviations from the IMO resolution A.653 (16) method, which the participating laboratories either uses or has been using, that being deviations from: the equipment, the procedures or the interpretation of data. These deviations are in many cases a result on the imprecise and equivocal description of the method described in the IMO resolution A.653 (16) in FTP Code.

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Creep of granulated loose-fil insulation - Test method and round robin test (NT TR 491)

NT TR 491

  • This report presents a proposal for a standardised method for creep tests and the necessary theoretical framework that can be used to describe creep of a granulated loose-fill material. Furthermore results from a round robin test are shown.

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A simplified method to determine impact sound improvement on light-weight floors (NT TR 488)

NT TR 488

  • It is well known that the impact sound improvement for floor coverings on lightweight floors is very different from that on heavy concrete slabs. Most laboratories have only one test opening and it is expensive to change floors. Thus it would be preferable if it were possible to use a simpler test procedure. In this paper such a procedure is outlined and discussed.

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Tillverkning och användning av laboratoriereferensmaterial vid testing av fast avfall (NT TR 486)

NT TR 486

  • Costly certified and commercial reference materials can often not be applied for waste testing because of high test portion quantities needed and poor availability of suitable commercial soil and waste materials. The utilisation of a laboratory reference material can be regarded as a practical tool in the quality control of leaching test performance.

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Round Robin - Chemical emission testing by use of FLEC (NT TR 438)

NT TR 438

  • The purpose of this project was to harmonise chemical emission testing in the Nordic countries in order to define a uniform test procedure, test conditions, and reporting.


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