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Floor heating systems: Design and type testing of waterborne heat systems for lightweight structures (NT VVS 127)

NT VVS 127

  • This standard describes procedures and prerequisites for determining the heat output from floor heating systems in residential buildings, offices and other buildings put to similar uses.

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Flow meters: Accelerated durability testing (NT VVS 121)

NT VVS 121

  • The aim of this method is to provide an accelerated durability test for flow meters.

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Floor heating systems: Acceptance test (NT VVS 119)

NT VVS 119

  • The aim of this method is to provide a simple test for documenting that, on completion of the installation, a hot water floor heating system fulfils design specifications for heating requirements. In addition, the method also requires the installer to provide full documentation of the floor heating installation.

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Filters: Adsorptive gas filters (NT VVS 109)

NT VVS 109

  • The aim of this method is to measure the filter efficiency and the adsorption capacity of adsorptive filters for different gases of low concentration in air.

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Fixed airflow measuring devices: Sensitivity to flow disturbance (NT VVS 098)

NT VVS 098

  • The purpose of this method is to evaluate the sensitivity to flow disturbance of fixed air flow measuring devices.

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Flexible sewers: Evaluation of methods and equipment for field measurements of deformation (NT VVS 049)

NT VVS 049

  • The method is designed to test the qualities and accuracy of methods and equipments used for field measurements of deformations of flexible sewers.

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Flue gases: Acid dew point - detector method (NT VVS 016)

NT VVS 016

  • The purpose of this NORDTEST method is to determine the acid dewpoint in flue gases by a detector cooled by air.

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Fire-LCA guidelines (NT TR 583)

NT TR 583

  • Fire-LCA is an LCA method that incorporates fires as one possible end of life scenario. It was developed by SP and IVL in order to be able to assess lifecycle aspects of the fire performance of products. This report gives guidelines on how to perform a Fire-LCA study. They are written based on the experience made during the development and application of the Fire-LCA methodology to different case studies.

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Frost Resistance test on Aggregates with and without Salt (FRAS) (NT TR 566)

NT TR 566

  • The main objective of the project was to test aggregates from different sources throughout Europe at different laboratories in Europe, with both pure water and salt water freeze/thaw test methods, to widen the applicability of the freeze/thaw test method in 1 % NaCl.

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Fasteners for timber frame sheeting – Development of a test method for single fasteners (NT TR 553)

NT TR 553

  • The report deals with a test method to evaluate the mechanical response of single fastener joints for sheeting of timber frames. The materials investigated include chipboards, gypsum boards and fibreboards.

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Field test method for the easurement of filter efficiency (NT TR 531)

NT TR 531

  • Ventilation filters are normally classified with the aid of standard laboratory tests. The most well known standards are the European standard EN779 (Anon. 1993) and the corresponding American standard ASHRAE 52.2 (Anon. 1999). Standard tests, however, produce information which may be insufficient for estimating the true filter performance.

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Fibre beds: In-plane permeability (NT POLY 183)


  • This test method is designed to measure the in-plane permeability of fibre beds with stationary fibres.

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Fibre reinforcement sheets for plastics: Permeability (NT POLY 174)


  • This test method specifies a method for the determination of the permeability of fibre reinforcement systems for plastic materials.

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Fibre reinforcement sheets for plastics: Compaction behaviour (NT POLY 173)


  • This test method specifies a procedure to determine the compaction behaviour of sheet formed reinforcement systems for plastic materials.

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Fire extinguishing foam, environmental and health properties: Hazard evaluation (NT FIRE 051)


  • This method is intended for systematic evaluation of environmental health hazards of fire extinguishing foam.

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Fire protection: Fire extinguishing media - Powder (NT FIRE 044)


  • This NORDTEST method describes test procedures for evaluating the extinguishing efficiency and the discharge characteristics of fire extinguishing powders.

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Foam concentrates, proportioner: Performance test (NT FIRE 042)


  • This NORDTEST method is intended to provide a basis for testing of proportioners for foam concentrates intended for use together with manual foam generation equipment. This test method includes both general requirements as well as performance tests.

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Foam branches, portable: Performance test (NT FIRE 041)


  • This NORDTEST method is intended for providing a basis for testing of portable foam branches.

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Fluid spray: Combustion efficiency (NT FIRE 031)


  • This test method simulates a fire that can occur when a fluid in spray form due to, for example, leakage comes in contact with ignition sources of various sizes.

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Fire extinguishing foam concentrates (NT FIRE 023)


  • This NORDTEST method is intended for tests of foam concentrates, foam generation properties and extinguishing properties

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Filing cabinets, data cabinets and diskette cabinets: Fire resistance (NT FIRE 017)


  • This Nordtest method specifies a classification system and a test procedure for determining the fire resistance of filing cabinets, data cabinets and diskette cabinets.

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Fire dampers: Efficiency to prevent fire spread (NT FIRE 010)


  • This NORDTEST method specifies a test method to determine the efficiency of fire dampers to prevent fire from spreading through ventilation ducts.

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Floorings: Fire spread and smoke generation (NT FIRE 007)


  • This test method specifies a procedure to determine the tendency of a flooring to spread fire and generate smoke.

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Fabrics and inhomogeneous materials: Measurement of a direct discharge from an esd protective material, such as an esd garment/fabric (NT ELEC 036)


  • This document specifies a method that is suitable for determining the amount of charge and the peak current from a direct discharge from an ESD-protective garment or fabric, but also small insulators or inhomogeneous materials typically found on an EPA, which typically has a surface resistance of more than 1 kÙ.

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Floors in sports halls: Friction at rotating movement (NT BUILD 494)


  • This method specifies the determination of the friction between a floor and a rotating foot with a vertical load (i.e. simulating the load exerted by an athlete in a rotating movement on the floor).

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Floating floors: Structural classification (NT BUILD 384)


  • This Nordtest method deals with a floor type which is designated “floating floor” and is defined in clause 2. The method specifies a static and alternating load (wheel load) test.

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Floor structures: Deflection of light-weight structures subjected to a concentrated load (NT BUILD 341)


  • This NORDTEST method describes how to measure the maximum deflection of floor joists when the floor is loaded with a 1.0 kN static, concentrated load. The deflection is used as a design criterion for determining maximum floor spans, taking into account the composite action between floor sheathing and joists.

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Floors in sport halls: Friction at rotating movement (NT BUILD 330)


  • This NORDTEST method specifies a method for determination of the friction on sport floors when exposed to a dynamic, vertical, and rotating point load (i.e., simulating the load exerted by an athlete in a rotating movement on the floor).

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Floors: Ease of cleaning (NT BUILD 326)


  • The scope of this NORDTEST method is to determine the ease of cleaning of floor coverings.

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