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Anemometers: Calibration (NT VVS 018)


  • This NORDTEST method describes how instruments for measuring air velocities can be calibrated.

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Anti-scale devices: Efficiency (NT VVS 126)

NT VVS 126

  • The objective of the test method is to test the efficiency of anti-scale devices. The efficiency is determined by measuring the amount of scale on a heating element in a water heater equipped with treated water compared with the amount of scale on a blind installation without water treatment.

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Anemometers, low velocity: Natural convection from heated sensors, errors (NT VVS 104)

NT VVS 104

  • The scope of the method is to determine the error in velocity reading induced by natural convection from heated sensor elements of anemometers intended for recording low velocities.

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Active leakage detectors: Reliability (NT VVS 094)

NT VVS 094

  • Active leakage detectors are components designed for stopping water leakage from water pipes and technical installations.

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Air valves - drainage systems: Airtightness and flow resistance (NT VVS 093)

NT VVS 093

  • This Nordtest method may be used for determining the tightness and flow resistance of air valves for gravity drainage systems.

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Air terminal devices: Aerodynamic testing and rating at low velocity (NT VVS 083)

NT VVS 083

  • This method describes laboratory aerodynamic testing and rating of Low Velocity Air Terminal Devices (ATDs) for displacement flow applications, including the specification of suitable test facilities and measurement techniques.

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Air heaters: Solid fuel, safety (NT VVS 067)

NT VVS 067

  • This NORDTEST method describes testing of air heaters using solid fuels. The test method concerns safety characteristics.

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Air transference: Intake and inlet air (NT VVS 063)

NT VVS 063

  • The purpose of this method is to determine the short-circuiting of air in ventilation installations. The method is used to determine the content of extract air contained in the intake or inlet air.

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Active solar heating systems: Guidelines for monitoring (NT VVS 056)

NT VVS 056

  • The aim of this project is to establish common guidelines for monitoring active solar heating systems and to produce a reporting model.

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Anti-flooding valves,non-fecal sewage: Temperature resistance (NT VVS 054)

NT VVS 054

  • This NORDTEST method may be used to test whether an anti-flooding valve for non-fecal sewage is resistant to the temperatures which may occur in the sewer system and to establish whether the antiflooding valve tightend up in case of impounded, polluted water.

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Anti-flooding valves, fecal sewage: Temperature resistance (NT VVS 053)

NT VVS 053

  • This NORDTEST method may be used to test whether an anti-flooding valve for fecal sewage is resistant to the temperatures which may occur in the sewer system and to establish whether the anti-flooding valve is tightend up in case of impounded, polluted water.

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Air raid shelters - pressure relief valves: Opening pressure (NT VVS 046)

NT VVS 046

  • The purpose of this NORDTEST method is to determine the opening pressure of pressure relief valves in air raid shelters.

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Air raid shelters equipment: Flow resistance (NT VVS 045)

NT VVS 045

  • The purpose of this NORDTEST method is to measure the flow resistance caused by components connected with ventilation of air raid shelters.

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Air raids shelters - ventilating aggregate: Sound pressure level (NT VVS 044)

NT VVS 044

  • This NORDTEST method describes the procedure for measuring the sound pressure level of ventilating aggregates for use in air raid shelters.

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Air raid shelters - ventilating aggregate: Performance data (NT VVS 043)

NT VVS 043

  • The purpose of this NORDTEST method is to obtain performance data about ventilating aggregates for use in air raid shelters.

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Acoustic design of open-plan offices (NT TR 619)

NT TR 619

  • This application could serve as a practical tool for the acoustic planning of open-plan offices. The acoustic conditions in open-plan offices were investigated in a Nordic cooperation project. Measurements were carried out in five open-plan offices along with a questionnaire to gather the staff’s subjective judgments. A programme for the acoustic measurements was drawn up, specifying how to perform the measurements and which type of parameters to measure.

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Analysis of mortars with additives (NT TR 594)

NT TR 594

  • Existing methods for the analysis of masonry and rendering mortars were developed for the analysis of well defined simple mortars. Mortars used today are to a large extent hybrid mortars with different additives and filler. Analysing complex mortars with additives and fillers requires analytical routines that are more versatile.

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Application of WST-method for fracture testing of fibre-reinforced concrete (NT TR 575)

NT TR 575

  • To evaluate the reproducibility of the wedge-splitting test method and to provide guidelines, a round robin study was conducted in which three labs participated.

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A new standard for machine strength grading of timber - assessment and application (NT TR 554)

NT TR 554

  • A new standard “prEN 14081 Timber structures – Strength graded structural timber with rectangular cross section” is under development. This standard lays down the requirements for visual and machine graded structural timber and results in the possibility to CE-mark structural timber.

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A method for glue bond quality testing of flange_web adhesive connections of wooden I-beams (NT TR 552)

NT TR 552

  • A test method for assessing the quality of glue bonds in the web-flange joint of I-beams has been developed. The method is based on a shear test of small pieces cut from the beam.

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An experimental comparison between isothermal calorimetry, semi-adiabatic calorimetry and solution calorimetry for the study of cement hydration (NT TR 522)

NT TR 522

  • This is the final report from NORDTEST project 1534-01 in which four Nordic and one US partners have made hydration measurements on two types of cement with different calorimetric methods.

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Acceptance criteria for landfilling of waste under nordic conditions (NT TR 520)

NT TR 520

  • In the report the various classes and sub-categories of landfills that are possible within the framework of the EU Landfill Directive are presented and discussed, and the need within the Nordic countries for sub-categories of the three main classes of landfills (inert, non-hazardous and hazardous waste landfills) is evaluated.

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A simplified method to determine impact sound improvement on light-weight floors (NT TR 488)

NT TR 488

  • It is well known that the impact sound improvement for floor coverings on lightweight floors is very different from that on heavy concrete slabs. Most laboratories have only one test opening and it is expensive to change floors. Thus it would be preferable if it were possible to use a simpler test procedure. In this paper such a procedure is outlined and discussed.

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A holistic approach to materials selection in component design (NT TR 476)

NT TR 476

  • A brief introduction into materials lifetime technology and industrial ecology in product development.

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Assessment of Compost Maturity and Ecotoxicity (NT TR 404)

NT TR 404

  • The purpose of the Nordtest project was to identify the problems associated with the utilization of compost in the Nordic countries.

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Adhesive compounds: tests for use in marine environments (NT POLY 175))


  • This test method describes tests on adhesive compounds and acts as a basis for the classification of adhesive compounds.

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Assessment of corrosion protection classes for inorganic coatings on steel (NT MAT 003)

NT MAT 003

  • This Nordtest method describes a procedure to assess the corrosion protection class of inorganic coatings on steel from the results of an accelerated corrosion test.

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